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Picture of SEC warns the public against Ads Zens Broker Corporation's Investment Opportunity The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a notice to the public that informs and warns everyone that a network marketing company Ads Zens Broker Corporation (ADSZENS) has no secondary license to sell securities. You can download and read SEC's Notice To The Public below: [...]read more
Written by: khen | Business | Views: 16661 | Date: 27-November-2012 | Comments (2)

Picture of NBI Traces AMAN Ponzi Scam Mastermind's Residence in Cebu City National Bureau of Investigation's (NBI) manhunt operation to Aman Futures Group Ponzi Scam Mastermind Manuel K. Amalilio brings fruitful result. [...]read more
Written by: khen | Law | Views: 15362 | Date: 10-November-2012 | Comments (5)

Picture of Top Poor Money Habits of OFWs and Tips to Improve Them I know a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). My three sisters. My two uncles. My brother-in-law. The sister of my sister-in-law...and some of my friends. [...]read more
Written by: khen | Finance | Views: 3594 | Date: 07-November-2012 | Comments (0)

Picture of AdseNovela: Noel Soriano and Jericho Jaffar Estrella AdsZens' members were on a roller-coaster ride for the past few weeks, and their greatest fear "the collapse of Adszens" were confirmed via....Yes you got it right.."FaceBook status and comments" (Adszens' most formal way of sending official updates and announcements).  [...]read more
Written by: aila | Business | Views: 3942 | Date: 02-November-2012 | Comments (75)

Picture of AdsZens MLM Top Earner Noel Soriano Reveals Secrets on the Company's Present Issues "MONEY FOR PAYOUT!". This is the root of the problem that the networking marketing (MLM) Ads Zens Broker Corporation is experiencing right now. The company with Joebert Gayo as the mastermind didn't issue a full payout to its top earner Noel Soriano. [...]read more
Written by: khen | Business | Views: 4254 | Date: 01-November-2012 | Comments (116)

Picture of NBI Launches Manhunt Operations Against Operators of Aman Futures Group Scam Last October 8, 2012, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a cease and desist order to an operator of a ponzi scheme Aman Futures Group Philippines, Inc. (AMAN). [...]read more
Written by: khen | Law | Views: 5005 | Date: 31-October-2012 | Comments (14)

Picture of ADSZENS Network Marketing (MLM) Six-Figure Earner Noel Soriano Expresses Outrage and Hate Against Its Vice President Joebert Gayo "THE GAME IS OVER". This is one of today's facebook posts of Noel Soriano, a six-figure earner of a network marketing (MLM) company in the Philippines Ads Zens Broker Corporation. [...]read more
Written by: khen | Business | Views: 6675 | Date: 30-October-2012 | Comments (72)

Picture of NBI suspends AdsZens' Paid-To-Click (PTC) Advertising Program Are you an AdsZens' member? Worried on why Ads Zens Broker Corporation's paid-to-click (PTC) advertising program has been temporarily inactive? [...]read more
Written by: khen | Business | Views: 6318 | Date: 29-October-2012 | Comments (71)

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