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Picture of "Our Website Is Not In Partnership With Any PTC Website", said Sulit.com.ph Many members of the ADS ZENS Broker Corporation, a new network marketing (MLM) in the Philippines, claim that their ADSZENS PTC is an affiliate partner (tie-up) with Sulit.com.ph. [...]read more
Written by: khen | Business | Views: 3042 | Date: 21-August-2012 | Comments (5)

Picture of Top Earners of ADSZENS MLM Company With the raging scam issues of ADSZENS PTC, the advertising program of ADS ZENS Broker Corporation, many would say that ADSZENS is truly a scam and it doesn't pay. [...]read more
Written by: khen | Business | Views: 9058 | Date: 19-August-2012 | Comments (91)

Picture of Sulit.com.ph Deleted All ADSZENS Ads in their Website: Why? Today, many members of ADS ZENS Broker Corporation (an MLM company) are worried and surprised. They are complaining about their ads posted in sulit.com.ph, the best classified ads website in the Philippines. Read their comments in their Facebook page below: [...]read more
Written by: khen | Business | Views: 9726 | Date: 18-August-2012 | Comments (27)

Picture of Google Adsense Sponsors the ADSZENS PTC ads: Truth or Lie? In August 15, 2012, The Vice President of Ads Zens Broker Corporation, Joebert D. Gayo announced some company updates to its members. One of their members, Nessie de Mayo-Baculo made an audio record of the event. Gayo claimed that Google Adsense sponsored their ADSZENS PTC (http://soundcloud.com/nessie-de-mayo-baculo/adszens-updates-by-sir-joebert). [...]read more
Written by: khen | Business | Views: 14758 | Date: 16-August-2012 | Comments (75)

Picture of Does ADSZENS MLM Company Overprice Its Products?
We are all consumers in this world. As a consumer, we have the right to know about the real price of the product we want to buy.
[...]read more
Written by: khen | Business | Views: 4891 | Date: 10-August-2012 | Comments (26)

Picture of ADSZENS VP Joebert Gayo to take legal action against me? In August 9, 2012 at exactly 11:26am, I received a call in my cellphone from someone who claimed himself a lawyer of Adszens Broker Corporation. [...]read more
Written by: khen | Business | Views: 7928 | Date: 10-August-2012 | Comments (77)

Picture of ADSZENS Supporters Reply for "Is ADSZENS PTC a big scam? Is it worth to invest? [Review]" I receive counterarguments from the ADSZENS supporters concerning my article entitled "Is ADSZENS PTC a big scam? Is it worth to invest? [Review]". They think that I'm attacking them which is not my purpose. I'm just reviewing and clarifying some things which are unclear to me. Below are their propositions against my review. I will try my best to answer each one. Please have faith in me as I go deeper seeking the truth about ADSZENS PTC. [...]read more
Written by: khen | Investing | Views: 25556 | Date: 24-July-2012 | Comments (151)

Picture of Is ADSZENS PTC a big scam? Is it worth to invest? [Review] Are you very eager to earn money online? You might be searching the internet for ways. Or you might be stumbled upon someone's referral or advertisement post regarding this Paid-To-Click (PTC) advertising program called ADSZENS PTC. Then, you are interested to join because you want to earn huge money right? But did you really carefully check if ADSZENSPTC is really legit? Or is it another big PTC scam? [...]read more
Written by: khen | Investing | Views: 74227 | Date: 19-July-2012 | Comments (514)

Picture of Highest Paid Top Officers of Jollibee Foods Corporation The biggest fast-food company in the Philipines, Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) recently discloses in their Definitive Information Statement (May 31, 2012) a 3-year salary table of the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the four highest paid officers of the company. [...]read more
Written by: khen | Finance | Views: 3327 | Date: 22-June-2012 | Comments (1)

Picture of Largest Banks in the Philippines This is a list of the top 5 largest banks in the Philippines in terms of market capitalization, net income, number of branches and number of ATMs. Figures are collected from the press releases, news reports and financial statements of the said banks. [...]read more
Written by: khen | Banking | Views: 16288 | Date: 20-June-2012 | Comments (16)

Picture of Largest Restaurant Chain in the Philippines I know kids love this restaurant and everytime they see this big and smiling bee, they easily say, "Jollibee". This Jollibee mascot is usually placed at the left side of the entrance door of a Jollibee restaurant. Kids and even teens or adults love to eat in a Jollibee restaurant. Don't you know that your most favorite restaurant is known to be the largest restaurant chain in the Philippines? [...]read more
Written by: khen | Business | Views: 5047 | Date: 19-June-2012 | Comments (1)

Picture of How to Invest in the Stock Market Effectively (Best Guide in the Philippines) This is a comprehensive guide on how to invest in the stock market effectively in the Philippines as presented in "The COL Investor Seminar Series" by Juan G. Barredo, the Vice President of CitisecOnline.com Inc. Some additional information are being injected in the article for better understanding of the terms used. For those who didn't know yet, CitisecOnline.com Inc. (COL) is a leading innovator in online stock trading in the Philippines and is publicly listed company in the Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE) in 2006. [...]read more
Written by: khen | Investing | Views: 5461 | Date: 16-June-2012 | Comments (3)

Picture of Best CEO in the Philippines 2012 For this year (2012), PLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan is the best CEO in the Philippines according to FinanceAsia survey. [...]read more
Written by: khen | Business | Views: 4780 | Date: 09-June-2012 | Comments (1)

Picture of Best Companies in the Philippines 2012 Ayala Corporation ranked first among the list of names of the Best Companies in the Philippines in terms of management, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility according to the 12th annual poll of Asia's top companies by FinanceAsia, a prominent publication. Other Philippine companies ranked also as best companies in different criteria such as "Best Corporate Governance", "Best Investor Relations", "Best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)", "Most Committed to a Strong Dividend Policy", "Best Mid-Cap", and "Best Small-Cap". [...]read more
Written by: khen | Business | Views: 15549 | Date: 08-June-2012 | Comments (3)

Picture of World's Largest Company 2012 Do you want to know the largest company in the world this year 2012? This company made it for the first time in history. In the previous years, a gas and oil company Exxon Mobil Corporation led the world largest company ranking. But this year, a computer and IT company makes the lead in terms of market capitalization. [...]read more
Written by: khen | Business | Views: 14328 | Date: 23-February-2012 | Comments (2)

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