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ADSZENS Network Marketing (MLM) Company: Smells Pyramiding Scam Again?
Its Vice President Joebert Gayo has been alarmed. He threathened me a lawsuit.

I was surprised and confused. I told the truth.

Many ADSZENS members were defending themselves. They attacked me verbally and put me on shame.

Ads Zens Broker Corporation is a pyramiding scam and operates a fraudulent PTC because of several reasons:
  • They have a paid-to-click (PTC) program with no real advertisers paying the company
  • ADSZENS ad-clickers are paid mainly with money coming from recruitment and upgrade fees
  • Multiple accounts is allowed which can harm advertisers
  • No contract or agreement between advertisers and Ads Zens Broker Corporation
  • No BIR receipt for product purchases, only vouchers
  • No real or formal agreement or terms and conditions between a member and the company upon registration
  • Inconsistent policies
  • Recurring members' payout problems
And recently in October 15, 2012, a new announcement has been made that shows a glimpse of the true nature of the company.

A new requirement is needed in order to get the PTC payout. AdsZens posted an advisory in their new website adszensgold.com:

ADSZENS direct referral PTC required

AdsZens requires you to recruit one person direct to you. WOW! Smells pyramiding right?

Why pyramiding? You must watch this ANTI-PYRAMIDING VIDEO campaign again:

If ADSZENS PTC is a legitimate PTC, why does it need a renewal fee every month? And why does a member need to recruit one person in order to get the payout?

If ADSZENS earns from their PTC, its revenues from PTC should be sufficient to pay the ad-clickers.

If not, then ADSZENS need to stop its PTC program.

If ADSZENS will continue to operate its PTC program, they are operating a pyramiding scheme in which old members are paid mainly from the money of new members.

Then, ADSZENS will collapse soon.

I'm not sure for how long will ADSZENS survive. 1 year?

I'm still not sure. As long as there are sufficient number of people who will register in ADSZENS, then, it can survive.

In one (1) year, ADSZENS will have to file an annual report and financial statement to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

And ADSZENS will hire an accountant for that. But what do you think will the accountant present in the advertising revenues from their PTC?

Will the accountant present a multi-million-peso revenue from their PTC? If they do that, they will commit fraud. And the accountant will be also held liable.

And what do you think will ADSZENS present in their nature of business to their financial report? Will they put their PTC?

If they put their PTC advertising program, I'm sure SEC will require ADSZENS to present their advertising revenues from their PTC.

If recruitment stops or if a significant number of recruits decreases, ADSZENS cannot pay its ad-clickers. Then it will collapse.

This would mean a huge loss of money to the members at the bottom of the pyramid.

Those innocent ADSZENS members must educate themselves about pyramiding scams, PTC scam and ponzi scheme.

And those ADSZENS members who already know the true nature of ADSZENS, why do you still continue to recruit and victimize many innocent people? You know that those people at the bottom of the pyramid will surely suffer financial losses and yet you still continue to fool other people?

Don't let your greed of money put other people at risk!

ADSZENS requires referral for payout

Do you think ADSZENS is a pyramiding company? Tell us your thoughts below in the comment. One comment would mean a lot to save your friends from scam.
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Total comments: 9
8 khen90 • 2:59 AM, 18-October-2012
Definitely this is pyramiding. Lumabas na din ang totoo. At kayoong mga members at leaders na mga mang mang wag na kayong mag recruit pa dahil kawawa ang mga tao na pinag paguran ng sobra ang mga pera nila kung may mga kaluluwa pa kayo. Kung hindi man kayo tablan alam nyo na kung saan ang derecho pag namantay kayo.
9 badtripadszens • 11:55 AM, 18-October-2012
Tumpak! Wala silang awa mag recruit di pa tumigil grabe..
7 wew • 2:13 PM, 17-October-2012
ganyan talaga adszens sa pag payins palang magulo lalo na sa pag payouts paiba iba pa sila rules sa pag payout bakit di pa nila alisin yang pesteng ptc na yan pati narin si joebert pmpl
6 TrafalgarLaw • 1:01 AM, 17-October-2012
ADSZENS is a SCAM. Isang napakalaking SCAM!

Anyhow, that rule they just implemented is a violation of the consumer rights of the Philippines.

You may not change or alter the terms made upon payment.

T3 na yan at Imbestigador.
5 Ylrebmik • 10:32 PM, 16-October-2012
Sobrang lokohan every month magre-renew ka?!
Sa business, namumuhunan ka at pinagta-trabahuhan yan.
1 aila • 8:47 PM, 16-October-2012
I wonder... what would DTI and SEC think about this...new advisory of Adszens...
2 khen • 8:56 PM, 16-October-2012
aila, DTI and SEC people are not tech-savvy people.

Though they cannot fully understand PTC, but they can easily spot flaws on ADSZENS' financial standing.

SEC cannot fully understand ADSZENS scam issue not until they see the real cashflow of the company.
3 aila • 9:08 PM, 16-October-2012
yes, but when you cannot withdraw your earnings until you have a new "recruit" it is not something that only tech-savvy people would understand.

naalala ko sa mga pinopost nila "No REcruiting, No Selling of Products, Earn just by Clicking" now this is not applicable at all.. since you need a new member to get what you earned by clicking which is in the first place is rightfully yours..
4 aila • 9:15 PM, 16-October-2012
The video you posted was from DTI right? So I believe since they made this video they are well aware of the fact that no "recruit-no pay-out" is a clear sign of what Adszens has become..