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ADSZENS Tries Hard to Resolve Issues But Failed To Do So
They discussed the unending issues that surrounds the company.

But still full understanding and appropriate steps to resolve some issues have not been done.

The following is the message posted on their Facebook page:

Here are the major items that were raised and the resolutions that came out with the concensus of everyone in the meeting.

1. PTC - The PTC "Pay to Click" program was temporarily suspended the other day, as there was a claim that it was illegal and should be taken out from the site. However, according to the LEGAL COUNSEL present at the meeting, PTC in itself is not illegal, and therefore there is no reason to take it out.

RESOLUTION : PTC will be reinstated, following the P825 for 3 months scheme. additional inquiries will be made with the proper goverment agencies if there would be a need for secondary licenses. If there is, AdsZens will secure these documents. PTC will resume AFTER RE-ENCODING of all records.

2. RE-ENCODING - To settle once and for all the dispute of payment and non-payment of some of the records, IT HAS BEEN AGREED that all records will be re-encoded verfying the status if the account is paid or not paid, All regional offices will participate in the exercise. RE-ENCODING will COMMENCE tonight (October 27, 2012) and is targeted to be completed within 1 week.

3. PAST PAYOUTS - All requested payouts will be scheduled for payment within the week. (Details will be announced later)

4. 50/50 - The binary and PTC scheme will still follow a 50% E-Wallet and 50% Cash format.

5. It has also been agreed that before any new marketing plan be enforced, it will be first announced for implementation weeks before the implementing date.

6. AND FINALLY, EVERYONE concerned expressed their willingness to cooperate and work together to ENSURE that ADSZENS will GO ON.

- Management, Regional Representatives, Network Leaders

--- source: ADSZENS PTC CONCERN (https://www.facebook.com/groups/169178419886144/) ---

Take note on the first part of the message, they mentioned "LEGAL COUNSEL"

Is this LEGAL COUNSEL composed of authentic lawyers? "Baka tulad din ito ng Lot lot de Leon Marketing Director issue"?

If they are authentic or genuine lawyers, are they fluent enough to understand paid-to-click (PTC) advertising program?

AdsZens management said, "according to the LEGAL COUNSEL present at the meeting, PTC in itself is not illegal, and therefore there is no reason to take it out."

It seems that this LEGAL COUNSEL doesn't know how PTC works that it allows AdsZens to continue its PTC.

"PTC in itself is not illegal". Yes, That is right. But PTC that allows multiple accounts is fraudulent, can harm advertisers and therefore, is illegal.

Does Ads Zens Broker Corporation include PTC advertising in their primary and secondary purpose of their Articles of Incorporation (or Certificate of Incorporation)?

If not, then AdsZens is committing the "ultra vires acts" and is violating Section 45 of Corporation Code of the Philippines which states "No corporation under this Code shall possess or excercise any corporate power except those conferred by this Code or by its articles of incorporation and except such as are necessary or incidental to the excercise of the powers so conferred."

Therefore, if PTC advertising is not included in the primary or secondary purpose of AdsZens Articles of Incorporation, there's a reason to cancel the operation of PTC advertising.

And if the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will find out that AdsZens is committing 
"ultra vires acts", SEC will surely revoke the AdsZens Articles of Incorporation, thus, the end of AdsZens.

Regarding payout, AdsZens promises that "All requested payouts will be scheduled for payment within the week."

This also means that all who requested payout will be paid within the week. Hmmmm.?

Can AdsZens pay all unpaid members in 1 week? Let's see.

How many are already paid? According to Noel Soriano, "100,000 po tayong myembro pero ang lumitaw sa record ng AdsZens ay 18,000 members lamang po ang bayad."

So maybe around 18,000 members have been paid. 

100,000 estimated total members/accounts
-18,000 estimated total paid members/accounts
82,000 estimated total unpaid members/accounts

So around 82,000 members/accounts are unpaid. Let's assume 50% of this total unpaid members are not yet finished on their clicking period.

50% of 82,000 is 41,000. So, 41,000 would be the estimated total unpaid members if 50% of the total unpaid are not yet finished on their clicking period.

Given 41,000 estimated total of unpaid members, how much should be the average number of members to be paid everyday in 7 days (1 week)?

41,000 estimated total unpaid members
÷ 7 days
5,857.14 average number of AdsZens members who should be paid per day

So around 5,857 people (members) should be paid per day for a promised 1 week schedule payment.

Can AdsZens pay 5,857 people per day? I think no. It's not possible. Especially that AdsZens is processing the payout manually.

Added to the case is the fact that many members have no ATM card where the payout will be released.

Therefore, AdsZens' promise that "All requested payouts will be scheduled for payment within the week" is not possible.

Why do AdsZens made an impossible promise? I think it's just to ease the members' tensions and frustrations regarding payout.

As you see, this might be just one of the unreliable, impossible, made-to-be-broken promises of AdsZens.

To give you a better view of AdsZens' unreliable promises, here's what AdsZens believes:

ADSZENS unreliable promises
source: adszensgold.com

"ADSZENS believes we can achieve faster product movement"

The reality: Napakaraming members po hindi nabigyan ng produkto. May iba mag tatatlong buwan na, wala pa rin silang produktong natanggap sa AdsZens. Kulang ng stocks lagi sa main office.

"ADSZENS implements a Pay to Click membership program, allowing both advertiser and consumer member to benefit at the same time."

The reality: AdsZens PTC can harm the advertisers because it allows multiple accounts in clicking the ads. Only the members are benefited.

"ADSZENS also has for its members a well planned marketing and distribution system."

The reality: AdsZens marketing system is not well planned.

AdsZens right now has no Marketing Director. So how do you expect a well planned marketing system from a company with no Marketing Director or Marketing Officer?

Its Vice President Joebert Gayo always changes its marketing plan. From 1,500 net income at the beginning, then it changes to P850. Then right now, it changes to P270 cash net income. "Paliit ng paliit ang compensation ng member."

Before, Gayo's right hand Noel Soriano promised a refund to the members. Right now? No refund.

AdsZens has other changes that directly frustrates most members. Only the uplines who earn big are enjoying.

"...assuring steady product inventory and delivery of services requires."

The reality: Delay of service and product delivery including payout.

AdsZens not proud to to be pinoy

In spite of AdsZens' unresolved issues, some members would think that AdsZens will be doing great because of its primary investor Mohammed Jaffar "Jericho" Estrella. But what they didn't know is that Estella is the former CEO and President of an investment scam "E-TXT Business Solutions, Inc.".
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3 insider • 6:37 PM, 27-October-2012
sa sobrang aggressive nila.. lahat ng panloloko ginawa na nila para madami marecruit keso nakatieup daw cila ke Google, keso may Billions daw c Gayo.. may green check daw c gayo na gawa sa Paint at sablay papgedit at sobrang aggresive nila... AYAW NILA MAGPAYOUT ... wag maging greedy mga sir... DELAYING TACTICS ginagawa nyo.. kawawa mga newbie na naloloko nyo..
2 aila • 4:41 PM, 27-October-2012
Natawa ako sa "aggressive advertising schemes".... Sa sobrang aggressive clinaim nila na partners or affiliated sakanila mga advertisers, nung mabuking, eh sinabi nila na promo lang mga advertisers which is isa pang patawa, san ka naka kita ng promo na hindi man lang alam ng binibigyan mo ng promo na under sila sa promo offers mo?... Last meeting nila na narecord, nahuli sa bibig mismo ni Noel Soriano na nagbayad daw ang Dunkin Donuts ng 20k... Hmmm which is about 2k clicks... Ilan members naba nagclick ng ads ng dunkin donuts? Tapos worse eh binawi pa ang statement nila na Google daw ngbbgay sakanila ng ads... Isa pang patawa... Na sa masaklap eh naniwala naman iba..
4 khen • 6:50 PM, 27-October-2012
tama po kayo aila. Dinamay na naman yata ni Noel Soriano ang Dunkin Donuts.

Kahit may 10 advertisers ang AdsZens na nagbayad ng tig P20,000 kada buwan (10 x P20,000 = P200,000 PTC advertising income) ay hindi pa rin nito masasapatan ang payables ng AdsZens sa 100,000 accounts nito.

Magkano ba ang payables ng AdsZens sa 100,000 accounts sa loob ng isang buwan?

100,000 estimated total number of accounts
x P825 net income
P82,500,000 ang payables ng AdsZens sa 100,000 accounts sa loob ng isang buwan.

Kaya unprofitable pa rin ang AdsZens kahit may 10 advertisers ito na nagbabayad ng tig P20,000 kada buwan.

Pyramiding talaga ang dating ng AdsZens dahil kailangan nito ng marami pang marecruit para ipambabayad sa mga naunang members.

Dun sa Google Adsense issue, mukhang engot si Noel Soriano tungkol diyan. Hindi niya alam kung ano ang policy ng Google Adsense against PTC.

Nag-comment pa naman ng "bang-bang" ka ngayon sa Facebook. Baka mabang-bang siya ng taga SEC dahil isa siya sa tatlong nagplano na magtayo ng AdsZens.

Sa tingin ko hindi lang sila tatlo. Nasa limang tao ang nasa likod ng AdsZens

Minimum of 5 persons ang required para makabuo ng isang corporation sa Pilipinas ayon sa Section 10 ng Corporation Code of the Philippines which states, "Any number of natural persons not less than (5) but not more than fifteen (15), all of legal age and a majority of whom are residents of the Philippines, may form a private corporation for any lawful purpose or purposes."
5 aila • 8:37 PM, 27-October-2012
Un nga tinatanong ko dati pa... Kasi given naman na sina nakamura at gayo... Sila kasi nakareg s mga permits pero they need board members pa since corporation sila...

Oo halata namang hindi maintindihan ni Soriano ang Adsens ng Google... Pinagmamalaki pa nya yung cheke ni Joebert... Nakita daw nila... Haha...
1 adszens scam • 4:25 PM, 27-October-2012
ipamedia na yan, un lang ang solusyon! baka makaaalis pa yan ng bansa, magba-bye pa tyo sa mga naiinvest natin sa ADSZENS BROKEN PROMISES CORPORATION!