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"Our Website Is Not In Partnership With Any PTC Website", said Sulit.com.ph
Some members take advantage of this claim. They use this claim in their marketing campaigns to attract more people to join in their company. Some of them even posted this in their websites and Facebook page.

We cannot deny the growing popularity of ADSZENS company due to its PTC (Paid-to-Click) Program. But their PTC program has been proven no real advertisers paying the company.

As the no. 1 classified ads website in the Philippines, Sulit didn't hesitate to answer the allegation.

Last few days, a concerned individual sent a Support Ticket to Sulit and asked them if Sulit is really an affiliate partner with ADSZENS PTC.

Here's the answer of the Sulit Support Team:

Sulit response to ADSZENS claim

Sulit admitted that they are not in partnership with any PTC website. If we say any, that includes ADSZENS PTC.

Therefore, it's a lie that ADSZENS PTC is an affiliate partner (tie-up) with Sulit.com.ph.

Is Sulit doing the right move? Please share your opinions below in the comment.
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4 khen • 9:25 PM, 03-September-2012
QWERTY, you've made another outstanding proof!
3 AVO3377 • 3:26 PM, 03-September-2012
dapat dyan ikulong, walang permiso na gamit yung mga brands na nilalagay nila sa clicks!
1 Terminator ng mga Tanga • 3:18 PM, 21-August-2012
Patay kayo ngayon! Madami akong proofs dto na ginagamit niyo ang sulit. ako n ang mag email sknila
2 micklor • 11:02 AM, 22-August-2012
Good Job Sir. Let us continue the "crusade" to unmask this AdsZens Company. Keep it up! cool