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Top Multi-level Network Marketing Companies (MLM) with Highest Income/Revenue

Published on: 16-February-2012

When we talk about network marketing company (or MLM), we have the urge to know who's the best or who's at the top. So, we've researched and give you this list that will inspire you more who's at the top.

But if your company doesn't rank in this top list, may these top companies serve as your torch and model as your company journey towards the top.

Study them. Research more about them. Implement some changes and your company will soar high like them.

Nothing to lose here. Let's know more which are the world's top multi-level network marketing companies (MLM).

Let's set some criteria here.

Some would say that the criteria in choosing the top network marketing companies are the length of business operation, popularity of the network marketing company (MLM), total number of employees or sales associates or the total number of offices around the world.

You might ask what will be the basis of determining the "top" network marketing companies in the world?

It's not the total number of workforce nor it's popularity.

It's not the total number of offices or the length of business operation.

Aren't they good indicators of being the top or being the best MLM companies? Yes, you might bet.

But there's a better way of determining the best or the top network marketing company?


It's through their revenue and net income they generates. The revenue or the income is the total result of the overall performance of a network marketing company.

You've heard of old companies which are outperformed by new companies. It's the profit that matters most.

Top Network Marketing Companies (MLM)

You can determine how a multi-level network marketing company performs based on the profits it produces. It performs best if it produces more profits.

If a multi-level network marketing company is not profitable anymore, you should be wary of that kind of company.

That's why we will assess here the top networking companies (MLM) of the world based on its revenue or income. 

To make the presentation more interesting, we will also include the revenue they earn in every second.

List of the World's Top Network Marketing Companies (MLM)
with Highest Revenue/Income
(as of year 2011)

Name of Network Marketing Company (MLM)
Year Founded
Main Products
Gross Revenue - Annual
(in US dollars - US$)
Net Income (Profit) - Annual
(in US dollars - US$)
Revenue per Second
AVON Products Inc.
cosmetics, personal care, clothing
11.30 billion (2011)
517.80 million (2011)
US$ 358.08
nutritional supplements, home care
9.20 billion (2010)
US$ 291.54
cosmetics, perfumes, personal care
3 billion (2011)
445 million (2011)
US$ 95.07
Herbalife International
nutritional supplements
2.73 billion(2010)
290.53 million (2010)
US$ 86.51
Tupperware Brands Corp.
home care, cosmetics, personal care
2.58 billion (2011)
218.30 million (2011)
US$ 81.76
Forever Living Products
nutritional supplements, personal care
2.50 billion (2010)
US$ 79.22
Mary Kay Inc.
cosmetics, skin care products
2.50 billion (2010)
---US$ 79.22
Vorwerk & Co. KG
appliances, cosmetics, services
2.40 billion (2009)
US$ 76.12
Oriflame Kosmetiek B.V.
cosmetics, personal care, wellness
1.99 billion (2010)
168.28 million (2010)
US$ 63.06
Nu Skin Enterprises
nutritional supplements, personal care
1.74 billion (2011)
153.33 million (2011)
US$ 55.26
Primerica, Inc.
financial products
1.10 billion (2011)
178 million (2011)
US$ 34.86
USANA Health Sciences, Inc.
nutritional supplements, personal care
581.90 million (2011)
50.75 million (2011)
US$ 18.44
ACN Inc.
telecommunications, tv, energy
550 million (2010)
US$ 17.43
Isaganeix International LLC
nutritional supplements
235 million
US$ 7.45
Data and figures are collected from the latest annual financial reports posted in the respective network companies' websites.

In the top list, AVON ranked as the number one. It generated more than US$ 11 billion revenue and US$ 517 million profit in year 2011.

Being at the top list is not easy. It requires dedication, hard work, enthusiasm and commitment of the office team and of the independent sales force.

It's a great honor if your company ranks in the world's top network marketing companies (MLM) list.

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