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Highest Paid Top Officers of Jollibee Foods Corporation
Highly Paid Officers of Jollibee

Tony Tan Caktiong [Chief Executive Officer (CEO)], Ernesto Tanmantiong [Chief Operating Officer (COO)], William Tan Untiong (Corporate Secretary),  Ysmael V. Baysa [Chief Financial Officer (CFO)] and Jose Maria A. Minana (President - Jollibee Business Unit) were paid including the bonus for a group total of PhP78.07 million (for year 2010), PhP78.29 million (for year 2011) and PhP86.69 million (for year 2012)

All other officers and directors as a group have been paid for a total of PhP265.61 million (for year 2010), PhP274.38 million (for year 2011), and PhP316.05 million (for year 2012).

Shares held in the company

As of April 30, 2012, Tony Tan Caktiong held 14,715,203 shares (1.5%) of the company. He also held a majority of the shares of certain companies which also held a large portion of shares of Jollibee Foods Corporation:
  • Hyper Dynamic Corporation - held 26.30% share of Jollibee
  • Honeysea Corporation - held 12.30% share of Jollibee.
As the CEO and Chairman of the company, it's good to note that Tony Tan Caktiong tops as the 12th richest person in the Philippines this year 2012 with a net worth of $1.25 billion according to the latest issue of Forbes Asia, a leading publication in Asia.

The other officers held a small portion of shares in the company.

What do you think if Jollibee will also disclose the the salary of their employees?
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