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Picture of MyProperty.ph Addresses Concern Regarding AdsZens A press release regarding the unauthorized representation of MyProperty.ph by ADSZENS BROKER CORPORATION. [...]read more
Written by: ReagenAguda | Investing | Views: 2844 | Date: 29-August-2012 | Comments (29)

Picture of ADSZENS Supporters Reply for "Is ADSZENS PTC a big scam? Is it worth to invest? [Review]" I receive counterarguments from the ADSZENS supporters concerning my article entitled "Is ADSZENS PTC a big scam? Is it worth to invest? [Review]". They think that I'm attacking them which is not my purpose. I'm just reviewing and clarifying some things which are unclear to me. Below are their propositions against my review. I will try my best to answer each one. Please have faith in me as I go deeper seeking the truth about ADSZENS PTC. [...]read more
Written by: khen | Investing | Views: 25556 | Date: 24-July-2012 | Comments (151)

Picture of Is ADSZENS PTC a big scam? Is it worth to invest? [Review] Are you very eager to earn money online? You might be searching the internet for ways. Or you might be stumbled upon someone's referral or advertisement post regarding this Paid-To-Click (PTC) advertising program called ADSZENS PTC. Then, you are interested to join because you want to earn huge money right? But did you really carefully check if ADSZENSPTC is really legit? Or is it another big PTC scam? [...]read more
Written by: khen | Investing | Views: 74227 | Date: 19-July-2012 | Comments (514)

Picture of How to Invest in the Stock Market Effectively (Best Guide in the Philippines) This is a comprehensive guide on how to invest in the stock market effectively in the Philippines as presented in "The COL Investor Seminar Series" by Juan G. Barredo, the Vice President of CitisecOnline.com Inc. Some additional information are being injected in the article for better understanding of the terms used. For those who didn't know yet, CitisecOnline.com Inc. (COL) is a leading innovator in online stock trading in the Philippines and is publicly listed company in the Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE) in 2006. [...]read more
Written by: khen | Investing | Views: 5461 | Date: 16-June-2012 | Comments (3)