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ADSZENS Supporters Reply for "Is ADSZENS PTC a big scam? Is it worth to invest? [Review]"
They said:
The author if this review is not credible.

I said:
Did you read my review carefully? Am I not credible?

They said:
1. The author doesn’t know the actual attribute of ADSZENS. AdsZens PTC is just one product given to AdsZens Member. AdsZens PTC is not for everybody out there. It is exclusive for AdsZens Member ...only!

I said:
Before I wrote the review, I already knew that ADSZENS have many products aside from ADSZENS PTC. And yes it's exclusive for AdsZens members only. [I have no issue with that]

You have health product such as Brazilian Slimming Coffee (which is banned by the Food and Drugs Administration because of it contains "amphetamine" or shabu)

You are also selling Scalar Energy Stickers in which you claim that it can enhance sexual performance or can increase the number of sperm cells (aheeeem).

They said:
2. The author doesn’t know the rates implemented in AdsZens. AdsZens Exchange Rate is $1=P50. It is not based on the foreign exchange rate. The rate doesn’t change even if the currency value goes up or down.

I said:
I based my rates according to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) peso-dollar rate. So you are inventing your own peso-dollar rate which is very high compared to BSP's forex rate?

They said:
3. The author does not investigate the Inner Content of the business. He just based his opinion on what others say and what he sees.

I said:
I'm still searching the truth. What could be the Inner Content of the business?

I'm still searching the truth whether those ADVERTISERS listed in ADSZENS are real. Are they self-sponsored ads?

If they are not real ADVERTISERS who pay ADSZENS, then where do the ADSZENS get the source of income to pay their ad clickers?

In the sales of products? Or solely in the registration and account upgrade fees?

If ADSZENS has no real advertisers who pay them, what would be the Statement of Income of the company?

Income: $0.00/click - walang income galing sa advertiser (kasi hindi totoong advertisers)
Expenses: $0.20/click - ipambabayad sa ad clicker 
Other expenses: xxxx - operating expenses, rentals, misc. 
Net income: -$0.20- negative profit. (loss) or luging-lugi

What it ADSZENS has real advertisers? what would be its Statement of Income?

Income: $0.20/click - income galing sa advertiser (kung totoong may advertisers na nagbabayad)
Expenses: $0.20/click - ipambabayad sa ad clicker 
Other expenses: xxxx - operating expenses, rentals, misc. 
Net income: -$0.00- negative zero profit. (loss) or lugi pa rin.

Would the company continue to survive with this kind of financial statement? No.

If ADSZENS has no real advertisers, why do ADSZENS still pay their members?

That's because of the income from new registration/recruitment and account upgrade fees.

If the ADSZENS mainly generates income not from the sales of the products but from the registration/recruitment and account upgrade fees, then, we can say, it's a pyramiding scheme.

What is a Pyramiding scheme? According to Wikipedia:

"A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public". (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_scheme)

Let's make it clear: Are there real advertisers who really pay ADSZENS? Big NO. No real advertisers in ADSZENS PTC. This is the real challenge for ADSZENS.

Give us some proofs (physical or electronic documents such as Agreement or Contract between ADSZENS and the ADVERTISERS.

If you show us no proofs, then you are really scamming people. 

They said:
4. The author doesn’t know where this AdsZens PTC came from. Is this a child system from another system, or the main system?

I said:
ADSZENS PTC is one of the products of ADSZENS Broker Corporation. The company sells other products (health products) which include Scalar Energy Sticker which they claim can enhance sexual performance (aheeemmmm) and a Brazilian Slimming Coffee (which is banned by the Food and Drugs Administration because it was proven to contain amphetamine or shabu)

They said:
5. The author didn’t know that there is another site or main web site where supports are given to the members. There are also AdsZens group in Facebook where the members can freely exchange opinions and ask for a help from members and to the management.

I said:
Concerning support group? One of your members told me that. (No big issue here).

But why didn't you activate the forum in the adszensptc.com website? Are you afraid that some members can really discover what ADSZENS PTC is really doing?

They said:
6. The author doesn’t know almost everything about the PTC. He mentioned that most of the PTC Company used Paypal as a payment processor. Paypal is very strict in this kind of payments. Most of the PTC Sites are rejected by Paypal that’s why most of them used Payza/Allertpay or LibertyReserved.

I said:
I'm not an omniscient being. I admit that. But it takes simple math and simple logic to identify the truth of the company.

You can identify whether a company is really a scam by doing some little research.

Why would Paypal reject those PTC sites? Because Paypal rejects scam sites including scam PTC sites. Are you one of them?

egdcltd from United Kingdom said in http://www.mylot.com/w/discussions/2256902.aspx:

PTC and similar services are, in general, against PayPal's acceptable use policy: 

"support pyramid or ponzi schemes, matrix programs, other "get rich quick” schemes or certain multi-level marketing programs" 

Not to say they can't be approved by PayPal, but they need to ask first or risk having their account frozen. Which can cause an enormous amount of trouble and cash flow problems.

They said:
7. The author cannot accept that a Filipino PTC Company can pay $0.20 for every ads viewed. If he only knows that LinkBucks is paying up to $10.00 for each linked unlocked he might be shocked.

I said:
$0.20? surely, I cannot accept that rate. Google Adsense pays their publishers lower than that, around $0.10 cost per click (for traffic sources from Philippines). Neobux and Clixsense pay their ad-clickers at a standard rate of $0.01.

Even advertisers cannot accept that rate too! (hehehe). That is if you have real advertisers. Linkbucks set their advertising rate: $5 per 1000 impressions (for Australia traffic). See snapshot below. This is their highest ad-rate.

linkbucks advertising rate
source: http://www.linkbucks.com/advertising/

But ADSZENS advertising rate is $100 per 1000 clicks/impressions. To make it worst, PTC sites have very low quality traffic. Very low in terms of sales conversions.

If I'm an advertiser and I would like to advertise my 32" LED HDTV worth $300. I would never advertise in ADSZENS and pay $100 for 1000 clicks. Why?

It's too expensive to advertise in ADSZENS. Why pay $100 for advertising if my worth of my product is just $300? Why pay $100 if I can advertise my product in sulit.com.ph or in ayosdito.ph for free?

Out of the 1000 ad clickers (they are not all 1000 unique visitors/ip addresses since some of them have multiple accounts with 1 ip address), do you think someone will buy my 32" LED HDTV? No.

Those ad-clickers are not interested in buying the product but in clicking to earn an income. This is what we called low quality traffic. Low sales conversions.

They said:
8. The author doesn’t know that members can get their payout in no required amount of cash. He just point out what he sees. Asked him if he tried to have an Executive Diamond Account?

I said:
You are changing Terms of Service or Policy. I read in your Latest News section, that your money in your account will be forfeited if it didn't reach $60 in 30 days.

I dont want to try Executive Diamond account.

They said:
9. The author didn’t know how to compute the actual income even for just one PTC Account. He made his own computation. He didn’t know the rules actually. He was just making issues just to point out that AdsZens is a Scam.

I said:
I computed the actual income in terms of dollars. Maybe you are conditioned to see your income in pesos.

Could you compute the actual income for one PTC account? Let me see it in dollars.

They said:
10. The author aggravates the use of multiple accounts just to inject negative impact to the readers. If you are the one to click 10,000 ads daily, do you still purchase 1000 accounts for PTC? It is out of our control it is yours.

I said:
I'm worried to your policy of using multiple accounts with one IP address. You are not protecting the welfare of the advertisers (that is if you have real advertisers).

Other established PTC sites, Neobux and Clixsense prohibit such kind of action.


Or maybe you are just implementing to use multiple accounts with one IP address because you have no real advertisers who pay ADSZENS.

They said:
11. The author doesn’t investigate for what he reads about "You are allowed one account per IP address or household.” AdsZens is an MLM company this mean members can have multiple accounts. Do you think the company allows the member to purchase more than one account in the sense that they can only log one account in just one IP address? This is doubtful right and it is subject for investigation if you were creating a review like this. I have ELEVEN friends using my computer with one internet connection to log-in their account and clicking ads. The company allows it.

I said:
"You are allowed one account per IP address or household.” You don't get the meaning of this sentence?

This means that in every IP address, you are allowed one account. It didn't say, "You are allowed multiple accounts per IP address".

If you continue doing using multiple accounts with one IP address, you are not enticing ADVERTISERS, you are not protecting the ADVERTISERS, you do no care the ADVERTISERS'S welfare.

They said:
12. The author didn’t know also that the ticketing system in AdsZens PTC is useless. This is because he didn’t know about the real thing about AdsZens. He might just be a cretic and obviously not a member.

I said:
You admitted that your ticketing system is useless. Thanks.

How can you help those people who want to join you? Do they need to register first and pay the registration fee before entering the ADSZENS Facebook group and ask for help?

What kind of customer service is that?

Someday, I will know what's the real thing about ADSZENS.

They said:
13. The authors review title is "Is ADSZENS PTC a big scam? Is it worth to invest? [Review]” and it is fair but the article contents is bias. He was just showing a negative criticism instead of showing both the positive and negative side. His intention is obviously planting negative ideas to AdsZens members as well as to its potential markets.

I said:
Are those negative points hurt you? Or are you just worrying what might happen to ADSZENS if the real thing will be discovered?

My review is just intended to clarify things and seek the truth. Cause I know the truth can set you free.

I don't want to attack, fight or create hatred to the ADSZENS. For hatred begets hatred.

Please do not be enticed with the huge income potential that you do not want to know the truth.

Wag po kayong masilaw sa laki ng kikitain niyo. Matakot naman po kayo kung ang kinita niyo ay galing sa isang company na may SCAM na advertising program at gumagamit ng illegal na pamamaraan (ponzi scheme).

Matakot naman po kayo kung marami ng tao ang madadamay.

Mga IMMORAL lang po ang hindi natatakot. 

May puso po kayo na marunong umintindi sa tuwid at sa liko.

May isip naman po kayo na alam kung ano ang tama at ang mali.

Am I planting negative ideas to ADSZENS members?
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147 POWDERTROJANS • 5:29 PM, 22-November-2012

saw this sa facebook group. nasa news na pala si adszens. Iniimbistigahan na din lahat ng PTC MLM sites.

TodayAdz, Healthextreme, Quadrow. Malakas si Linxzu sa NBI kasi sila kumubra ng P3 Milyon kay Gayo.

Pagalingan na lang ng LOKOHAN PROGRAM.

146 POWDERTROJANS • 3:51 PM, 22-November-2012
mas matindi to, http://www.linxzucorporation.tk/

LINXZU, log-in log-out lang may return of investment ka na. Tingnan mo nga naman ang pinoy. Balita ko ang owner nyan ang nagpa-NBI kay Joebert kaya may P3 Milyon yan. TopEarner dyan is former adszens din. Nagkawatak-watak na nga sila and karamihan sa kalokohan pa din nagsasama.

145 POWDERTROJANS • 3:48 PM, 22-November-2012
Scam din po yan kasi mga kasamahan ni Joebert ang mga promotor nyan ngayun.

Eto po yung taong yan sa youtube na dati kasama-kasama lagi ni Ka Joebert


eto po ang FB profile nyan


Kaawa-awa na naman ang maloloko ng grupong ito na split-group ni adszens. Kumukuha na din daw ng legal papers yan para di halata and mag-oopisina ang PONZI SCHEME nila sa Quezon Avenue din ata.

Matuto na kayo, pag kikita ng walang ginagawa, 99.9 percent scam yan. Ni produkto nila tsokolate har har har! Di man lang pinag-isipan.
143 concern for ptc sites in the phils • 5:26 PM, 20-November-2012
Good day sir meron na naman po bagong PTC networking company na lumbas ang nakakatakot ay parehas ng adszens ang kanayang systema... at mukhang malakas na din humakot ng bagong members ano kaya ito kamag anak ni ADSZENS???

please kindly review naman sir no need to recruit din daw eh at mas stable ang company... here isa the site

144 khen • 6:09 PM, 20-November-2012
Mukhang dumami na yata ang mga PTC networking ngayon. Pinsan din yata ni ADSZENS yan.
142 masterZ • 4:48 PM, 23-October-2012
Isa lang sasabihin nyan pagnagsara ung ADSZENS - "Dami kasing naninira at negative comments nyu sa amin eh" hahaha, ciguradong members ang sisisihin ng mga yan, babaliktarin pa ang issue para lusot uli..

Tignan nyu ung mga FB timeline ng mga Top Earners bumabagyo ng kumento at hinanaing at puro mura't pagbabanta sa kanila, Pagkatapos nila basahin ang pinost sa kanila ,tsaka nila binubura para d mabasa ng iba,kaya ang lalayo ng agwat ng mga timelines...

Araw-araw na meeting nyan para sa delaying payouts, baka kasi may mga magkamali pang sumali, hangat may mapipiga, pipigain!
141 Cailanganio • 11:46 AM, 23-October-2012
Mukang ginagago nlang ni gayo mga members.. 3 months na kong member wala pading payout tpos nung finafollowup na hinty daw ulit kc nililipat daw sa ibang site.. Msklap pa n2 binayo pa ung kita ginawa ng 300 eh d un ang total na dapat kong makuha.. Tpos ssbhin nilang kpg binyadan daw ung mga 825 eh bukas wala bka sarado na daw ang company.. Sino tinakot nya.. D bayaran na nga lang nila tpos magsara na cla... Ngayon alam ko na kung bkit d masabi nung isang member kung san nanggaling ang billion ni Gayo boy.. Magaling ka magisip kapatid.. Pakyu
140 ANDROID • 1:59 PM, 19-October-2012
i support KHEN! walang kwenta adszens, masasabi ko na scam to dami reviews na nababasa ko pero wala talaga kwenta. natatapos ko iclick ang 1 account ndi naccredit ang naclick potaneska talaga! dapat meron media na dumating sa opisina nila para magmukhang tanga mga tao at para magkaalaman na mga sinungaling
138 MBM • 9:45 AM, 14-September-2012
well so far ako kasi involve ako kasi sa HYIP. long term nga lang. pag short term kasi siguradong malaki ang possiblity mong ma scam. itong adszens napapansin ko para din itong ganon parang medium long term ito, the best thing is my office ito sa philippines kaya madaling hanapin. kaya safe na rin. invest mo lang dito yung perang hindi mo agad kailangan, pero sure na mababayaran ka naman at kikita ka rin. Kung ayaw mo naman maginvest huwag mong gawin. alam naman natin ang kasabihan pag wala tayong nilabas, wala rin papasok. kaya nasa tao na iyon
139 micklor • 12:45 PM, 14-September-2012
Very well said MBM..nasa tao na po talaga.. biggrin
134 MBM • 10:54 PM, 13-September-2012
kung may maninira sa adszens, ituloy lang nila yung paninira. basta they paying kahit madelays the best thing is they paying. dati matagal ang upgrade ngayon wala ng madedelay ng napakatagal na upgrade. huwag na natin alamin kung saan nila kinukuha yung pera na pambayad sa mga PTC. YUNg felmina hyip yun 3 years na sila they still paying. i think may strategy din itong adszens. kaya huwag manira kasi wala pa namang nanakawan ng pera.. para lang itong HYIP na tumagal na ng matagal gaya ng FELMINA, JBP, W4all at iba pa na trusted
135 micklor • 9:01 AM, 14-September-2012
Sana po ay hindi kagaya ni MBM ang mentality natin mga readers.. ADSZENS claims to be sustainable kaya it's the responsibility of the investor to check where the company gets its money.. Okay lang ba talaga na hindi mo alam, basta nababayaran ka? Nasa sainyo na po ang kasagutan jan.. Pero mas mainam parin po na alamin kung saan nanggagaling ang pera ng companya.. Kayang-kaya nyo pong maintindihan kung saan manggagaling ang pera, hindi naman po kasi kelangan propesyonal kayo.. basta sana alam nyo kung saan, para cgurado ngang "Sustainable"//
132 MBM • 8:35 PM, 13-September-2012
kung hindi ka man mabayaran ng one week? ang mahalaga mabayaran ka yun lang!. basta hindi lalampas ang one month mababayaran ka. at lis kumita ka.
136 micklor • 9:06 AM, 14-September-2012
Sanay di po ito gayahin.. "basta mabayaran?" baka okay pa ko kung lahat nababayaran ng within one week..kahit within one week lang "basta mabayaran"..pero hindi po eh.. ANDAMING NAGREREKLAMO NA ISANG BUWAN NA'T MAHIGIT EH WALA PANG BINABALIK NA PERA O PRODUCTS MAN LANG... The Upline has a responsibility to a certain extent..ultimately, it's the company who should fix the payout system..kahit naman po siguro ang galing-galing at napakabait ng upline kung delayed talaga ang sistema ng adszens wala siyang magagawa.. sad
137 freedaka • 9:35 AM, 14-September-2012
wahehehe yan ang fail... "Basta Mabayaran"??? eh kung sa susunod na year ka bayaran? sabagay basta mabayaran ka... eh kung paghihintay mo sana ng dalawa o tatlong buwan eh may nagawa kang iba na mas profitable pa sa pera, di hindi nasayang yung oras at pera mo...

Kaya walang asenso ang tao kasi sa ganyang pag-iisip..tsk
131 MBM • 8:32 PM, 13-September-2012
tsaka september na ngayon nagimprove na ang adszens. cguradong hindi lalampas ang isang buwan mababayaran kayo. kikita ang ininvest na pera niyo. yun ang mahalaga. kung hindi kayo nabayaran ng 3 buwan ay warning na iyon. pero hindi naman mangyayari yun
129 MBM • 8:26 PM, 13-September-2012
ang adszens isang part time job na magandang pagkakakitaan. dumarating naman yung payment. pinakamatagal na yung one week. yung iba kasi tamad magfollow up. hindi dapat ibigay mo lahat ng focused dito sa adszens. kung may extra kang pera ka iinvest mo lang dito kasi cgurado lalaki. yun lang. tusted itong adszens babayaran ka naman talaga, huwag niyo lang ibuhos lahat ng pera dito
130 khen • 8:29 PM, 13-September-2012
MBM, are you sure na pinakamatagal na yung one week concerning payment?
133 freedaka • 8:46 PM, 13-September-2012
weeee, bakit yung mga nababasa ko isang buwan, dalawang buwan na daw wala pang payout puro payin...
126 MBM • 0:55 AM, 13-September-2012
nagiimprove na ang adszens kaya im sure. lalaki pa ito. may mga delays lang pero sure money naman. kaya lang mareklamo kasi hindi makapaghintay. marami ng kumita, marami ng natulungan. kaya power adszens. patient ang kailangan. magcomment nalang kayo dito kung na scam na kayo. pero kung wala ay walang na scam. well legitimate ito. kaya dont say na scam ang adszens. para lang itong Profit clicking trusted and paying
128 micklor • 8:42 AM, 13-September-2012
Eh hindi nga raw sila mabayaran.. patience? seriously? isn't one month of waiting enough? hindi pa ba sapat yon? bakit naman sobrang tagal? yung iba pumupunta sa OFFICE nyu sa mga dates na inaanounce..pero pagdating dun, wala padin.. balik ulit sila.. pabalik-balik.. yan ba ang sistema ng isang Systems-developer na Billionare daw? Common sense lang po.. kahit naman di nakapag-aral maiintindihan..
125 MBM • 0:50 AM, 13-September-2012
ganito nalang tapos ang usapan. pag meron nang nalugi sa adszens. tsaka na siya scam. so far wala naman lugi sa adszens kaya. walang scam. OK tapos ang usapan.
127 micklor • 8:35 AM, 13-September-2012
walang nalugi? tila di yata kayo aware na maraming nagrereklamo sa FB group nyu? wlang nalugi? Yung iba nga inutang lang daw ung pang pay-in, hoping for an immediate return of investment, tapos hanggang ngaun wala pa..and then you brand those people as "negative" when they complain? anu ba yan.. di na kayo naawa..
122 haide_011 • 3:47 PM, 09-September-2012
para sa mga bobong naninira sa adszens.. ang isang account po ay 1 year lang po iyan. so ibig sabihin after 1 year bubunot ka uli nang pera para pang upgrade sa ptc account nyo.. oh di bagong payins na naman. kaya nga nag sustainable po talaga ang company.. hey 2 weeks pa lang ako pero ito kumikita talaga ako... PAYING po ang adszens.. :)
123 micklor • 7:56 PM, 09-September-2012
Ok, they're paying.. have you asked yourself..where do they get the money to pay YOU? Do you know where your company's money come from? Because certainly, We'd ALL like to know..
124 badtripadszens • 2:45 AM, 10-September-2012
Naloko na anong isang account e 1yr lang baka 1month ang sinasabi mo?

Bago ka sana mag comment e basahin mo muna lahat ng blogs ng author. biggrin
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