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Is ADSZENS PTC a big scam? Is it worth to invest? [Review]
Then you must read this.

Before you invest your hard-earned money into the ADSZENSPTC program, you must carefully check whether it's legit or a scam.

Like any other investments, you must know carefully the investment product and company behind.

Let me help you lay down some background information about this program. I'm not attacking the ADSZENS PTC here.  Just a lesson to be learned here.

Let's make a clearer picture of this investment product.

And I just want to help you as an investor to avoid scam and if it's really worth to invest in this PTC program.

So what is ADSZENS PTC?

ADSZENS PTC is a paid-to-click (PTC) advertising program wherein you can earn money every advertisement you click or viewed. The company behind this program is the ADS ZENS BROKER CORPORATION which is based in the Philippines.

ADSZENS PTC is one of their investment products offered.

Is the company registered in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines?

Yes. You can try searching it yourself in the online search facility of SEC at http://www.sec.gov.ph/onlinetransactions/search.html. I capture a snapshot of the search result below:

ADS ZENS Broker Corporation

So, we can say the company is legal. But a company having a "Certificate of Incorporation" from the SEC doesn't mean that the said company have a permission to sell a certain "investment product".

Who is the President of the Company?

Romela B. Nakamura is the President and CEO of the company.

Who are the other officers of the Company?

Joebert D. Gayo is the Vice-President and Chief Operations Officer. While Edna T. Artango is the VP-Administration, Corporate Secretary and Marketing Director.

Their Main Office?

It's located at the 4/F of Save More Pasay, Rotonda, Pasay City, Philippines.


Their website for the ADSZENS PTC is www.adszensptc.com. Its content management system utilizes the NextGen PTC Script of Buxhost.

Joebert D. Gayo is the one who registered the website on May 16, 2012.

source: http://whois.domaintools.com/adszensptc.com

Therefore,  it's a new website. They have another website, the company website which is http://www.adszens.com.

Who is Joebert?

Joebert D. Gayo
Mr. Joebert D. Gayo (source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/adszens.broker.corporation/photos/)

He is a Filipino who studied Systems Developers in Metro Data Computer College.

A pioneering ADSZENS member, Noel Soriano said in his video update (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8vqqrCx9MA) that Mr. Joebert Gayo has BILLIONS of money that he want to share it with many people through ADSZENS. This is what Soriano said in the video:

Noel Soriano

"...si Sir Joebert mayamang tao. Sa sobrang yaman ng taong yan,...meron siyang BILLIONS. Alam ko kung paano niya nakuha itong BILLIONS. Hindi ko na sasabihin kung paano niya nakuha. Imagine yung BILLIONS niya shinishare sa atin..." (transcript from youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8vqqrCx9MA)

Do you believe what Noel Soriano said that Joebert Gayo has billions? Do you think Joebert Gayo is a billionaire?

ADSZENS PTC Tie-up with Google?

One of the pioneering ADSZENS Members, Troy Allan Magpantay posted this in his facebook page: 

"Now you could qualify in AdsZens PTC Ads Program, PTC stand for Paid To Click advertisement. Usong-uso ito sa Amerika like for example BUX, NEOBUX, CLIXSENSE, pati nga GOOGLE merun nito. First time in the history ito sa Philippines, actually na-alarm sa atin ang Google, kaya pilit nila binibili sa atin ang Adszens System pero hindi pumayag si Ka Joebert Gayo na mabenta ito sa Google, kaya ang ginawa na lang ng Google ay makipagtie-up na lang sila sa AdZens. Kaya kung makikita mo ang website www.adszens.com ay nakalagay sa upper right corner na "Powered by Google”. 

Here's the full text of the message:

ADSZENS PTC Tie-up with Google
source: https://www.facebook.com/troymagpantay/

Do you believe that the internet giant Google would partner with a start-up ADSZENS company with no proven successful financial track record, no fix Terms of Service (TOS) and no real advertisers?

This is a BIG LIE.

They also claim they have tie-up with other companies.

adszens tie-up companies scam
source: http://adszensglobal.weebly.com/paid-to-click.html

This is another BIG LIE.

Your Income as ADSZENS PTC Member?

ADSZENS PTC will pay you $0.20 per ad-click. (source: www.adszensptc.com)

This is twenty times (20x) higher than the popular and established PTC programs like Neobux and Clixsense. 

How much do Neobux and Clixsense pay their members? They pay a standard rate of $0.01 per-ad-click. (sources: http://www.neobux.com/ and http://www.clixsense.com/)

So, ADSZENS PTC's ad-click rate is too-good-to-be-true and unreasonable.

Advertisers of ADSZENS PTC?

Their listed advertisers include:

ADSZENS PTC advertisers
source: http://www.adszensptc.com

Do these companies really advertise in ADSZENS PTC? My answer is: big NO. Why?

Because ADSZENS PTC set their advertising rate too high.

How much is the advertising rate of ADSZENS PTC?

ADSZENS PTC advertising rate
source: http://www.adszensptc.com

1 click costs $0.20. Is this expensive?

Yes. As a PTC program, it's too expensive, overprice and unreasonable compared with other popular and established PTC sites (Neobux and Clixsense).

How much do Neobux and Clixsense charge their advertisers?

For standard advertisement exposure (30 seconds), Neobux charges $0.02 per ad click while Clixsense charges $0.019. (sources: http://www.neobux.com/ and http://www.clixsense.com/)

Would a company dare to invest in ADSZENS PTC advertising rate worth $0.20 per ad click or $100 for 1000 clicks? I think, NO. As a PTC program, those ad clicks or ad views are very low in quality in terms of sales conversion. Why?

Most of the time, the clickers (who are the members) are not interested to what the company advertises but only to the income from the ad clicks.

Advertisement's return of investment (ROI) would be negative.

Another point is why would a company advertise in a PTC program which is new and charges higher rate if it can advertise in another PTC program which is popular/established and charges lower rate?

And take note: The ADSZENS PTC didn't even provide the Terms of Service (TOS) for the advertisers. They didn't even stated in their website the Requirements for advertisers. In Neobux and Clixsense, they have. Do you think that those listed advertisers in ADSZENS PTC are real?

One of ADSZENS' listed advertisers, Happyplus claimed that they have not placed or paid those ad in ADSZENS. Kylie Masagca, a customer service representative of Happyplus, admitted this on an email response from kyle (one of the commenters here in TopBusinessFinance.com):

Happyplus denied ADSZENS ad
(Big thanks to you kyle for providing this info.)

What will happen if there are no advertisers in ADSZENS PTC?

As a PTC program, ADSZENS PTC cannot survive or sustain its operations. It cannot pay its members or ad-clickers.

How could you imagine an advertising business without advertisers? Just think about this little Income Statement of ADSZENS company which engages in advertising business:

Income:             $0.00 - no advertiser
Expenses:          $0.20/click - ipambabayad sa ad clicker 
Other expenses: $$$$$ - operating expenses, rentals, misc. 
Net income:      -$0.20 = negative profit (which means loss) or lugi 

You might ask, "Why does ADSZENS PTC continue its operations and still pay its members/ad-clickers?"

It's mainly because of the membership fees (recruitment fees) and account upgrade fees. When the time comes that no one registers to the ADSZENS company, the pyramid structure of the members/ad-clickers will eventually collapse. 

And those large portion of members at the bottom will end up penniless, wasting their time and money. The members' credibility, respect and reputation will be greatly damaged.

In some cases, many of those members will eventually file complaints to government authorities due to the endless problems of the said MLM company. Some would lead to "mlm people power".

Payout of ADSZENS PTC?

Payout is confusing. Payza is their payment option when you reach the minimum amount of payout.

Are you familiar with Payza? hmmmm... Payza is not familiar to most of you.

ADSZENS PTC doesn't allow Paypal to be added as payment processor.

Paypal is the most common method of payout processor of other PTC programs. Most online entrepreneurs are using Paypal.

ADSZENS PTC can allow Paypal as one of the Payment/Payout processors if they choose to. The ADSZENS company uses the NEXTGEN PTC script.

And you can see below (snapshot), Paypal could be added as a Payout Processor with this kind of script.

ADSZENS payout
source: http://www.buxhost.com/ptc/demo

What else confuses you in their payout system?

In the FAQ of their website (adszensptc.com), they said that you can withdraw your earnings in your bank account. But how?

They don't even provide step-by-step instructions on how to withdraw the earnings.


Membership or accounts have three (3) types (as of July 19, 2012). Take note of each limitations:
  1. Standard Silver - only 1 ad is allowed to be clicked
  2. Premium Gold - only 1 ad is allowed to be clicked
  3. Executive Diamond - maximum of 10 ads are allowed to be clicked
When you register, you will fall under the Standard Silver membership. This is the start-up membership.

You can upgrade your account to Executive Diamond by paying $35 per month.

ADSZENS PTC upgrade account
source: http://www.adszensptc.com

The Income or Earnings Potential of ADSZENS PTC

It promises a huge earning potential. Like I've said above, you can earn "$0.20 per ad click". See photo snapshot below:

ADSZENS PTC rate per click of ad
source: http://www.adszensptc.com

However, the rate per ad click they stated in their FAQ section of their website is different. It's PhP10 (Philippine pesos) or $0.233.  [ $1 = PhP43 ]

source: http://www.adszensptc.com/pages/faq

Did you see the difference between $0.20 and $0.23?

They offer inaccurate and confusing per-ad-click rate.

Let's go ahead to the payout.

Minimum payout is $60 for Premium Gold account and any amount for Executive Diamond. If you are in Premium Gold account, your earnings will be forfeited if you will not reach that amount in 30 days (1 month), . Back to zero balance and no income is earned.

So you need to reach $60 income for a month in order to withdraw your earnings.

How can you reach the $60 minimum payout?

You cannot reach that amount if you're just a Standard Silver Member or a Premium Gold Member. These membership types allow you only 1 ad to click per day. Take note 1 ad click can earn $0.20.

So, in 30 days, you can only earn $6 for those accounts. [ $0.20 x 30 days = $6 ]

Therefore, you are forced to upgrade your account to Executive Diamond by paying $35 per month. This type of account allows you to click a maximum of 10 ads per day.

So, with this type of account, you can earn $2 in one day. [ $0.20 x 10 ads = $2 ]

How much can you earn in one month with this acccount? $60. [ $2 x 30 days = $60 ]

Given $60 gross earnings in 1 month and $35 expenses for monthly subscription of Executive Diamond. How much is your net earnings/income?

You have a net income of $25 per month for one account of Executive Diamond.

To make the program more profitable, ADSZENS PTC allows you to create multiple accounts. As much as you want.

So if you create 10 accounts (all Executive Diamond), you can earn $250 per month. [ $25 x 10 accounts = $250 ]

How about creating 20 accounts? You can earn $500 per month. [ $25 x 20 accounts = $500 ]

"What if I create 40 accounts?" You can earn $1,000 per month. [ $25 x 40 accounts = $1,000 ]

For larger number of accounts? Here's the income potential:

$25 x 100 accounts = $2,500
$25 x 200 accounts = $5,000
$25 x 300 accounts = $7,000
$25 x 400 accounts = $10,000

Can you easily manage those huge number of accounts?

I'll answer that question. It's a big NO. Why?

Go ahead and read below.

Managing Multiple Accounts

If you are only a one-man operation or one individual doing the clicking, you will be limited by your time.

For 100 accounts, you need around 5.57 hours per day in clicking all the ads. How did I come up with 5.57 hours? Let's do the math:

In 1 account, you can spend 200 seconds in clicking all the 10 ads per day. 200 seconds is equivalent to 3.333333333 minutes.

So, in 100 accounts, you can spend 333.333333333 minutes. [ 3.333333333 minutes x 100 accounts = 333.333333333 minutes ]

333.333333333 minutes is equal to 5.570766197 hours. So you need around 5.57 hours per day to view and click the ads for 100 accounts. No only that.

You also have to spend additional amount of time for:
  • answering the mathematical expression code after viewing each ads. 100 mathematical codes are required to be answered
  • redirection of webpages.
  • logging-in and logging out for the 100 accounts in the website
  • webpage refreshes
Given that you own many accounts? Can you earn those amount of money I presented to you above?

My answer is NO. Why? Continue reading below.

Their Term of Service (TOS) Limits your Income Potential

What is one of the Terms of Service that limits your Income Potential? According to their website Terms of Service,

"3.  You are allowed one account per IP address or household." (source: http://www.adszensptc.com/pages/tos)

In other words, you are not allowed using more than one account if you have one computer with one IP address. Let me explain further.

If you have a computer and an internet connection in your home, you are given only one IP address by your Internet Service Provider (ISP: like PLDT, Smart, Sun Cellular, Globe).

But if you applied for many internet connections (which is not common). One internet connection from PLDT. One from SMART. One from SUN CELLULAR. And one from GLOBE. 

Altogether in your home, then, you have a total of 4 IP addresses. Then, you can access your 4 account of ADSZENS PTC. But you don't do that, right?

I'm 99% sure that you are only using one internet connection. That makes you using only 1 IP address.

You are limited to one IP address only. And you are limited to use one account only.

So, if you own all those 100 accounts or even if you own just 3 accounts, you cannot access all your accounts and click all the ads.

What if you break this one Term of Service? The admin of their website will block, banned or delete your account. Just like what happened to other members. You can read their experience below.

Inconsistent Policy (Pabagu-bago ng Policies)

As of June 27, 2012, this was one of their policies:

Source: http://adszenshelp.blogspot.com/2012/06/adszens-ptc-faq.html

When you avail 1 Binary/PTC Entry Package worth PhP1,500, you will receive no products.

Take note: I wrote this article on July 19, 2012. After I wrote this article, they changed their policy.

What happened then?

As of July 27, 2012, when you avail 1 Binary/PTC Entry Package worth PhP1,500, you can now receive products.

ADSZENS Policy change 2
Source: https://www.facebook.com/troymagpantay

The Issue of Using Multiple Accounts with One (1 IP Address) in Clicking All of Its Ads

ADSZENS PTC admitted that it allows you to use multiple accounts (with 1 IP address) in clicking all of its ads. This is a big issue. Why?

Popular PTC programs like Neobux and Clixsense don't allow this kind of action. It's in their Terms of Service that you are not allowed to create many accounts with the same IP address.

You will be grounded for termination and fraud if you do that in Neobux and Clixsense.

Using multiple accounts with the same IP address can harm the advertiser.

Using multiple accounts with the same IP address doesn't protect the welfare of the advertiser

If I'm the advertiser, it's a waste of huge money paying one ad-clicker who clicks my ad 1000 times. [$0.20 x 1000 = $200]. I can pay as much as $200 to one ad-clicker who clicks my ad 1000 times. $200 is equivalent to PhP8,500.

This could be the nonsense, tragic, disastrous advertising program.

That's why, it's no surprising that there are no real advertisers who pay ADSZENS PTC.

Is it worth to invest with the huge income potential?

Given the "$0.20 rate of per click", it's too good to be true. Popular PTC programs like Neobux and Clixsense only offer a standard rate of $0.01".

The difference is very huge.

And most of all you are limited to access one account only per IP address. So income is limited.

You may heard professional investors and financial gurus said,

"Don't accept or buy financial product(s) that you do not understand especially if it is known as "good-to-be-true".

"If the offer is so "enticing", very high in return of investment (ROI) or in short "good-to-be-true", chances are it will never happen or the financial product will fail. Avoid the so-called "pyramiding", including those businesses or financial products being sold in the internet, that convince you to recruit more "investors" in order to earn more. (There are many cases that some Network Marketing Companies (MLM) are involve in "pyramiding")

The ADSZENS Broker Corporation uses the pyramiding or "Ponzi" scheme because there are no real advertisers who pay the company. Investors or members are primarily earning an income from member registration and account upgrade fees.

Pyramid scheme is against the Philippine law. It violates the Article 53 of The Consumer Act of the Philippines:

"Article 53. Chain Distribution Plans or Pyramid Sales Schemes. - Chain distribution plans or pyramid sales schemes shall not be employed in the sale of consumer products."

Member Support

They have a Forum section but is empty. And the worst is, you have to pay $1 in order to send a support ticket to them. It means you have to pay them in order to help you. Look at my snapshot below how I send a support ticket to them:

ADSZENS PTC Support Ticket
source: http://www.adszensptc.com/pages/contact

What if you're just a newbie and wanted to know more about the program? You cannot expect a better customer support from them.

If you talk to their members, they didn't even know who's the real owner of the company?

What others are saying about ADSZENS PTC?

bulldog, a member of thebotnet.com forum, said,

"they are scammer, I opened an account with them and almost reached the payout, and this morning I unable to connect my account no longer exists". (http://thebotnet.com/make-money/126323-adszensptc/)

On the same forum, sotera18 said,

"they block too my account.
i cant login too."

A Typical PTC Progam

Most PTC investment programs have something in common. Most of them are ponzi schemes (pyramiding). Money from new investors will be used to pay old or pioneering investors. When the flow of new investors stop, the program collapses.

On average, life cycle of scam PTC sites will survive from one week to three months. But some survive for a year depending on the number of fools.
Scam PTC Site Life Cycle

Scam PTC sites target people's hope of easy gain, easy money, easy income.

Remember that money doesn't grow in trees.


We want to know your opinion. Is ADSZENS PTC a scam? Is it really worth to invest in this program?
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499 Bryan • 6:28 PM, 13-July-2013
Even the writer of this blog doesn't have a hint, sorry.

Search engines like Yahoo, Google and even FB earn from ads. The "ADVERTISER" pays Google or Yahoo or Fb everytime their ad is clicked. Google displays these ads in public owned websites. The website owner gets a commission for every ad served. Halimbawa nagbayad si advertiser ng P20 per click, income un ni Google. Bibigyan nya ngaun ng porsyento si website owner for displaying the ad. Ang tawag dun sa program, AdSense. Dyan kinuha ni AdsZens pangalan nya. Si Yahoo Google Fb legit. Madami nabubuhay sa Adsense.

Ang ginagawa ni AdZens, iniikutan niya sina Google. Sya ang gumagawa ng personal websites na nagseserve ng ads. Ung mga ads na un ang ipapa click nya sa mga nirerecruit nila. Ang mangyayari, mangongomisyon sila ngaun from Google etc for the ads clicked sa site nila. Bibigyan nila ngaun ng porsyento si recruit. For every click ni recruit, kumita si AdzSens, plus, nanghingi pa sila ng one time investment sa recruit. Ung part na un ang dugas.

ANG PINAKAMASAMA DYAN - ung money na binabayad ke recruit, EH GALING SA ADVERTISERS. Halimbawa Jollibee nagpa ads, eh madaming clicks, babayaran parin ng Jollibee si Google. Which in turn magbibigay ng commission ke AdsZens, unless i-ban nila ang account na ginawa ni recruit. Which I'm sure they're about to do. Hindi si recruit ang niloloko ng AdsZens, sina Google tsaka advertisers. Well, pati pala recruits, kasi nga nanghingi sila ng investment.

Ang tawag ni Google dyan - "Click Fraud"

Ang kenkoy talaga ni SEC, me nalalaman pa silang securities securities wala naman silang kaalam alam sa sinasabi nila.

"Wag bobo, lahat ng bagay me explanasyon, Isip isip din kung me time"
498 vroom • 2:16 PM, 04-February-2013
hi, just wanna ask you guys if ur familliar with healthextremebux..
radcliff garcia is the owner! it is similar to adszens, 1500 pay in and 645 payout good for four months!
i myself is a member, regarding our payout its almost 3 months.. @khen can you asses this company? i have this feeling that this company is A BIG SCAM ALSO!
497 M@zingerZ • 4:57 PM, 03-January-2013
check sec.gov.ph notice advisory on this corp.

496 insider • 4:16 PM, 18-December-2012
adszens imbestigador special... ^^

noel soriano.. good boy ^^ do the right thing...

biggrin :D biggrin

495 insider • 4:08 PM, 18-December-2012
ipapamedia mo... hehehe kulit amp sabay sya pla din mismo mgpapamedia.. kulit mo din noel soriano... actions speaks louder than words... lol.. must watch vid to biggrin :D biggrin :D

dame kong twa d2 ah.... biggrin biggrin biggrin
494 chunli • 11:12 PM, 26-November-2012
totoo bang si noel soriano ang nagpaimbestigador sa adszens? may kumakalat ksing picture na si noel daw ang nagsumbong Adz Vmag Page
493 chunli • 11:05 PM, 26-November-2012
interview kanina sa GNN Adszens Interview
492 eka • 7:23 AM, 26-November-2012
members kunting utak lang..how can they provide payouts if they dont have real advertisers paying..gawa gawa lang nila yun pang hikayat but no advertisers is really paying.. they pay based on the new people coming in that are ignorant on how the online advertising runs.
491 kiswidalmonds • 7:05 AM, 26-November-2012
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=416102548459679 watch this
490 dcaap083114 • 5:37 AM, 26-November-2012
may plano na ba imbestigador regarding this bull****? im not a member but my husband is a member. we friends na pinasok dito to help them financially but it turned out na problema lang tong adszens na to. GAYO, you know how karma works. Im just hoping na yung wife mo which is bagong panganak and yung child mo na sa pag kakarinig ko was premature were doing okay after what you have done. im just hoping na sana IKAW lang ang tamaan ng KARMA at wag na sila esp your child/children cause I am also a mom. Ikaw, you only think for yourself. you're a total crap!
489 POWDERTROJANS • 2:12 AM, 26-November-2012
Adszens sa Imbestigador ng GMA7...............................http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/283592/publicaffairs/imbestigador/mga-na-scam-ng-isang-investment-company-dagsa-sa-imbestigador <br /><br /> Video po kung saan napunta ang pera ng mga taga-Adszens. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXX6B-5fLPo Dapat mahighlight to. Malakas daw talaga si Joebert, imbis na ibayad sa mga miyembro, sa mga kinauukulan gumagastos. sad
488 QWERTY • 0:23 AM, 26-November-2012
Mansion ni kaJoebert MangGogoyo...

#credits sa uploader.
486 mrgaa • 9:10 PM, 25-November-2012
nasa imbestigador na ang adszense.haha
485 kikay • 6:26 PM, 23-November-2012

talaga? sure? hahahaha. hindi niyo lang nakikita nawala na agad? nagbabayad pa rin. just got mine nung nov14.
taguan? bukas pa naman office. may mga tao pa dun
487 chunli • 10:43 PM, 25-November-2012
show your proof para maniwala kami, o baka isa ka rin sa tuta ng adszens bow waw! ahahaha tongue
484 insider • 2:59 PM, 23-November-2012
at balita ko bagong chief operating officer ng kumag VMAG ay si..... tantanan.. tatanan... Noel Soriano
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