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NBI Launches Manhunt Operations Against Operators of Aman Futures Group Scam
SEC found some grave violations of AMAN. GMA News reported that around 12 billion pesos have been swindled by AMAN from investors mainly in Mindanao particularly in Pagadian City.

AMAN failed to pay many of its investors. Approximately 7,000 investors have filed complaints to NBI but it is expected to increase in number according to the news.

credit: gmanews.tv

Faced with lawsuits, some AMAN operators are hiding right now.

That's why the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) launches manhunt operations against them.

NBI Regional Director from Zamboanga City Manuel A. Almendares said his office is also searching Manuel Amalilio (the mastermind of AMAN ponzi scam), Fernando Luna, his right-hand-man and other incorporators of the company.

According to SEC records, Aman Futures Group Philippines, Inc. is registered in SEC on June 22, 2012. Its principal office is located at Units 6 and 7 Bldg. 1, Salem International Commercial Complex, Domestic Road, Pasay City.

The company's listed incorporators are:
  1. Manuel K. Amalilio
  2. Fernando R. Luna
  3. Lelian Lim Gan
  4. Eduard L. Lim
  5. William L. Fuentes
  6. Naezzele M. Rodriguez
  7. Lurix Lopez
NBI is now searching for these people. Victims of these ponzi scheme told NBI that the suspects ran off with millions of pesos.

After some investigations, it was learned that the mastermind of the scam Manuel Amalilio was born in Tarlac, Luzon but grew up in Malaysia.

Manuel K. Amalilio
Photo of Manuel K Amalilio (AMAN mastermind)

He recently came back in the Philippines and established AMAN.

Victims of AMAN includes government officials, fiscals, doctors, policemen, soldiers, media personalities, teachers, tricycle drivers, vendors and many others.

"We are also discreetly investigating the involvement of some local government officials and politicians in the controversial scheme,” said Almendares.

According to Almendares, the NBI agents continue to investigate and gather more data for the filing of large scale syndicated estafa against Amalilio, Luna, eight other incorporators and 25 other cohorts.

We can notice here that even if you're not one of the incorporators of the company, you will also be charged with syndicated estafa if you're an active leader of a ponzi/pyramiding scheme.

Syndicated estafa is punishable by life imprisonment to death according to Section 1 of Presidential Decree 1689 which states,

"Any person or persons who shall commit estafa or other forms of swindling as defined in Article 315 and 316 of the Revised Penal Code, as amended, shall be punished by life imprisonment to death if the swindling (estafa) is committed by a syndicate consisting of five or more persons formed with the intention of carrying out the unlawful or illegal act, transaction, enterprise or scheme, and the defraudation results in the misappropriation of moneys contributed by stockholders, or members of rural banks, cooperatives, "samahang nayon(s)”, or farmers associations, or of funds solicited by corporations/ associations from the general public."

Aman Futures Group Investment Scam Manhunt Operations

If you have any information of the AMAN operators, you can contact NBI Regional Office of Zamboanga City at telephone number: (062) 992-0910 / 992-5485.

You can also contact NBI Main Office Address

NBI Building, Taft Avenue
Ermita, Manila, Philippines 1000

Telephone Numbers:
Trunkline: 523-8231 to 38
Fax: 526-1216 / 523-7414

Email Address: director@nbi.gov.ph
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8 inting • 11:18 AM, 31-October-2012
patay ang taga pagadian ani ug ang mga dool nga lungsod nga ni invest ni aman.. balita nako gi himoan pa ampo ning aman hehehe hahaha tambling.... tumba2x karon nanga tumba na!!!! tongue tongue tongue tongue
9 DaoG • 11:24 AM, 31-October-2012
nah mau jud na inting.. daghan jud na nga tambling dre sa amoah heheehhe apil na akong ante dre, wink
10 khen • 11:35 AM, 31-October-2012
DaoG, ang ayahay lang jud ana ang kadtong nakauna ug invest nga nakabawi na sa ilang capital.

Luoy lang kaayo tong mga ultimong mga tawo mga driver, tindera ug uban pa nga nabiktima. Pero sa video murag nagkatawa ra man ang gi-interview nga nabiktima ug 20 million sa AMAN.
11 DaoG • 12:50 PM, 31-October-2012
mao lage na katawa nalng kay wala nay mahimo piro balita nako ang uban na bayaran.. gipang tagaan posdated nga cheki, piro ang uban wala pa gihapun.. na daot sa tumba2x, cry

imbis nga kuhaon na ma silaw paman jud itumba pra mo dako or re invest all amount nga ni tubo.. mao karon, daghan na jud nanga tumba!!!!

my gani akong ante dre marama pud hahah wala pa oct gikoha na niya, gamay rapud...

sa taga pagadian... ako ray nalooy!!! mga tapolan sa aman!!!
1 chunli • 9:25 AM, 31-October-2012
nalalapit ng maging ganito si gayo bwahahaha! tongue
2 micklor • 10:37 AM, 31-October-2012
sana nga angry
5 chunli • 11:03 AM, 31-October-2012
Nakaforward na ang complain ko sa XXX sana naman mabigyan pansin nila ito, kasi d biro ang naGAYO nila Gayo, we're talking about millions! angry
12 kitosh_24 • 3:38 PM, 02-November-2012
sana sana talaga....wala bang nag sumbong sa T3?
3 khen • 10:39 AM, 31-October-2012
chunli, pag magtago daw si Gayo, si Ryu daw bahala. cool

4 chunli • 10:55 AM, 31-October-2012
May version din si Gokou, KAME GAYO WAVE! tongue

6 khen • 11:04 AM, 31-October-2012
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7 chunli • 11:08 AM, 31-October-2012
haha ganyan mangyayari jan kay Gayo kay Noel at sa iba pang leaders kung d nila ibibigay ang nararapat sa tao cool