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NBI Traces AMAN Ponzi Scam Mastermind's Residence in Cebu City
NBI already traces Amalilio’s residential address to 99 Espina Village B. Rodriguez Extension in Cebu City.

Manuel Amalilio address in Cebu, Philippines

NBI keeps this residence under surveillance.

Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas officially announced in a press conference in Cebu the said residential address of Manuel Amalilio according to Inquirer.net report. (http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/305014/small-investors-fooled-in-pagadian-brains-traced-to-cebu-city)

Manuel Amalilio
Manuel Amalilio (AMAN mastermind)

You can read more about Aman Futures Group Ponzi scam here:
The company's listed incorporators who are involved in the scam are:
  1. Manuel K. Amalilio
  2. Fernando R. Luna
  3. Lelian Lim Gan
  4. Eduard L. Lim
  5. William L. Fuentes
  6. Naezzele M. Rodriguez
  7. Lurix Lopez
According to Secretary Roxas, there were many complaints but at this stage the case has not "matured” to the point of filing a case.

Where is Manuel Amalilio right now?

Roxas said that Amalilio could be in Malaysia by now based on some reports.

NBI partnered with the PNP to catch Amalilio. A total of P244 million was involved in the ponzi scam.

Where do you think Manuel Amalilio is hiding right now?
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1 Mercy Chua • 4:24 PM, 10-November-2012
I am working at Mayor Hilarion Ramiro Sr. Regional Training and Teaching Hospital in Ozamis City. We are victimized by Aman Future Trading. I would like to correct a name of an incorporator which happens to be one of our Doctors. Her real name is Dr. Winalyn L. Fuentes. Actually there's two of them. Dr. Naezelle Rodriguez. They were now resigned and are on hiding. Fuentes is from Bacolod Lanao del Norte while Rodriguez is from Sominot Zamboanga del Sur.
2 khen • 5:52 PM, 10-November-2012
Mercy Chua, thanks for your concern. We highly appreciate your correction. But we need further documents (such as photo bearing valid id) to prove your concern.

We just refer our data from Securities and Exchange Commission's Cease and Desist Order:

SEC might further investigate their real names if SEC finds out that some incorporators are using incorrect or misspelled names.